Ballet Hispánico

Ballet Hispánico

OCT 26 | Cobb Great Hall

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Eduardo Vilaro

Artistic Director & CEO

Tina Ramirez


The Company

  • Christopher Bloom
  • Jared Bogart
  • Leonardo Brito
  • Simone Cameresi
  • Antonio Cangiano
  • Shelby Colona
  • Amanda del Valle
  • Alexander Haquia
  • Paulo Hernandez-Farella
  • Cori Lewis
  • Laura Lopez
  • Hugo Pizano Orozco
  • Omar Rivéra
  • Gabrielle Sprauve
  • Dandara Veiga
  • Lenai Alexis Wilkerson
  • Mariano Zamora

  • Rehearsal Director
    Linda Celeste Sims
  • Associate Artistic Director &
    Latinx Institute Director
    Johan Rivera
  • Company Manager
    Glenn Allen Sims

  • Production Manager
    SK Watson
  • Wardrobe Director
    Amy Page
  • Lighting Supervisor
    Caitlin Brown
  • Stage Manager
    Morgan Lemos
  • Wardrobe Assistant
    Stacey Dávila

Arabesque (1984)

  • Choreography by
    Vicente Nebrada
  • Restaged by
    Linda Celeste Sims
  • Assisted by
    Johan Rivera
  • Music by
    Enrique Granados
  • Original Costume Design by
    Randy Barcelo
  • Costume Reconstruction by
    Diana Ruettiger
  • Original Lighting Design by
    Donald Holder
  • Lighting Reconstruction by
    SK Watson

Performed by
Jared Bogart, Simone Cameresi, Antonio Cangiano, Amanda del Valle, Alexander Haquia, Paulo Hernandez-Farella, Laura Lopez, Omar Rivéra, Dandara Veiga, and Lenai Wilkerson

Full Cast

Antonio Cangiano

Simone Cameresi, Amanda del Valle, Laura Lopez, Dandara Veiga, Lenai Wilkerson

Alexander Haquia, Paulo Hernandez-Farella, Dandara Veiga

Jared Bogart, Antonio Cangiano, Paulo Hernandez-Farella, Laura Lopez

Amanda del Valle, Alexander Haquia, Dandara Veiga, Lenai Wilkerson

Simone Cameresi with Full Cast

Oriental Reprise
Full Cast

Arabesque is an elegant suite of dances set to the music of Spanish composer, Enrique Granados. Traces of Flamenco influence are hinted at in the upper body as the dancers move through lush balletic contemporary phrase work.


Tiburones (2019)

  • Choreography by
    Annabelle Lopez Ochoa
  • Music by
    Pérez Prado, Dizzy Gillespie, and The Funky Lowlives
  • Compositions by
    James Bigbee Garver
  • Costume Design by
    Mark Zappone
  • Lighting Design by
    Joshua Paul Weckesser

Performed by
Christopher Bloom, Jared Bogart, Simone Cameresi, Shelby Colona, Antonio Cangiano, Amanda del Valle, Paulo Hernandez-Farella, Laura Lopez, Omar Rivéra, Gabrielle Sprauve, Dandara Veiga, Lenai Wilkerson, and Mariano Zamora

In Tiburones, Annabelle Lopez Ochoa addresses the discrimination and stereotypes placed upon Latinx culture and the power the media has in portraying these themes by diminishing the voices of Latinx artists. Ochoa will deconstruct gender roles and identity to revitalize an authentic perspective of Puerto Rican icons appropriated within the entertainment industry.


18+1 (2012)

  • Choreography by
    Gustavo Ramírez Sansano
  • Music by
    Pérez Prado
  • Costume Design by
    Ghabriello Fernando
  • Lighting Design by
    Savannah Bell

Performed by
Christopher Bloom, Jared Bogart, Simone Cameresi, Antonio Cangiano, Shelby Colona, Paulo Hernandez-Farella, Omar Rivéra, Gabrielle Sprauve, Dandara Veiga, and Lenai Wilkerson

18+1 celebrates Gustavo's 19 years as a choreographer and the vulnerability, care, and hope that comes with each artistic endeavor. In a display of subtle humor and electric choreography, the movement merges with the playful rhythms found in Pérez Prado's mambo music. Sansano draws from his history and memory to take a joyous look at the past, present, and coming future.


MetLife Foundation is the Official Tour Sponsor of Ballet Hispánico.

Transformational funding provided by MacKenzie Scott and the Ford Foundation America's Cultural Treasures program. Major support provided by the Howard Gilman Foundation, the Miranda Family Fund, the Fan Fox and Leslie R. Samuels Foundation, and the Scherman Foundation. Public support provided by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs. Ballet Hispánico programming is made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature.

Production Copyright 2021, Ballet Hispánico of New York, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Program is subject to change.

The taking of video, audio and photographs is strictly prohibited.

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